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Richard Young

Since he first established Young Fine Art Studio in 1974, Richard Young has been creating and erecting large scale monuments. His attention to detail, extensive skill and experience in all aspects of monument production Richard Youngguarantee a successful outcome for any monument or memorial. 
Young’s talent and love of art was strongly influenced by his father, a skilled metal artist and later by his teacher and mentor, the sculptor Dr. Avard T. Fairbanks.  Young worked closely with Dr.Fairbanks for over twenty years, studying every aspect of sculpture, enlarging, casting and producing monuments.  Young produced many of Dr. Fairbanks monuments including three Angels Moroni for the L D S Church .

As a sculptor, his first big public commission came when he won the competition to sculpt and cast in bronze the monument of Columbia on top of the City and County building in Salt Lake City.

His latest project-Utah Law Enforcement Memorial was erected on September 6, 2008 at the Utah State Capitol.

Young has more than 35 years experience in creating, sculpting and engineering bronze monuments all over the country.

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