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The Process

Our work is our passion. We listen to our clients to make sure we create exactly what they want – a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art that will last through the ages.

The emotion and history behind a sculpture is important.  Lena Toritch has a gift when it comes to understanding a client’s vision for a statue.   She works with people to capture that vision and emotion in sculpture.

Sketch for custom bronze statue

Our bronze memorial statues start with a simple sketch or picture –an initial spark of imagination which is truly an authentic creation of art.




Small Scale Statue

The clay is sculpted by hand, first in a small scale size.

custom child sculpture


We enlarge the model and use pictures to capture the features and intricate details that breathe life into the statue.....

custom portrait statue

life-size angel and child statue

Once the large clay sculpture is completed to the clients’ liking the fine detail is preserved in bronze, creating an artistic treasure and unique memorial that will last many lifetimes to come.

Angel and Child life-size Bronze Statue

Art at its Finest – Memorials that Last Forever.

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