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How to Order a Custom Bronze Statue

You have already made your first right move- you found a professional, well trained sculptor! Now let us tell you what happens next…

What is your Vision?

We will ask what kind of statue you are looking for – larger than life memorial statues, portrait bust or full-size figure. If you have your own design in mind or specific requirements for the pose, please let us know. You can send your photos, drawings, etc.

Let us show what we have to offer…

If you have not decided on the exact composition of your statue, or simply need advice on what will work best for a particular placement, we will prepare a set of sketches for you to choose a possible design. Once you select a composition or pose, we will sign a contract and give you a firm price to create your bronze statue.

Lena Toritch creates custom memorial statue

You are a part of creative process…

The next step is creating a clay scale model of the future statue.
You, the Client, will see how a sketch will look in 3D. We will send you images of the work in progress to get your input and we will make make adjustments and changes, if necessary.

Once we have your approval on the scale size model we begin the clay enlargement for the full size monument.

You will be able to follow the process of refining the detail and achieving likeness as we continue sending you images of your statue.

  Bronze Statue creation

From Clay to Bronze

Once you approve the full size clay model, it goes to the foundry for the lost-wax casting process. This part of the production can take up to 45 days for a smaller statue and as much as 60-days to cast a large monument.  

The foundry will take a precision silicon mold to register all the fine detail of the clay model. These molds will be used to make wax patterns for the future bronze statue.

Lena Toritch and bronze monument statue

We Oversee Quality

We will supervise the bronze production of your statue to ensure top quality.    We oversee the mold-making, wax pattern and bronze chasing processes.   The finished bronze statue will be photographed and the image sent to you for final approval.


Because custom memorial statues are expensive we will establish a Lena Toritch with Rodney Badger bronze statuepayment schedule so you can plan your finances ahead of time.

We will require a down payment to start and then will be requesting installments as the project  reaches each creative milestone- scale model approval, enlargement to a full size, likeness approval, etc.

Something Unique for You and Generations to Come You will get a one of kind piece of art that will last forever.  We believe creating the perfect fine memorial for you takes time, skill, dedication and communication.

That’s what makes our studio so unique. Everything we do is top quality and to our clients specifications.  We have the ability to transform your idea into a bronze statue that will be a treasured and admired monument.   
You have come to the right place.

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Art at its Finest – Memorials that Last Forever.

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