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Bronze Gifts.
Bronze Gifts Ideas:
Custom Outdoor Statues, Large bronze statue, Bronze Garden Statue, Bronze Busts...

Custom bronze sculpture makes wonderful and unique gift. We can design and create any type of custom bronze statue to your liking. We offer you a few bronze gifts ideas:

Small sculptures.

When people think "bronze sculpture gift" they usually imagine a small bronze sculpture, a figurine or a home decor item. Small sculpture is less expensive and can be bought from our online galleries (limited edition bronze sculpture, the sculpture we design and cast in bronze in very small editions, usually 25) Examples of limited edition bronze sculptures of horses, cowboy and western sculptures, children sculptures and nude male and female figures sculptures and other figurative small bronze sculptures can be found on our sister bronze portraits site. Please visit Lena Toritch and Richard Young pages.
If you are looking for a unique small bronze sculpture gift, go for a custom bronze small sculpture.

Large bronze sculptures and large bronze statue.

Large bronze statues are truly royal bronze gifts. We had clients ordering life-size bronze statues of their children as a surprise gift to their spouses. A large bronze statue will take more time to create but it will worth the wait. Custom bronze portrait life-size figure statue will preserve the cherished memories forever and will be passed through generations. Just like with the small scale bronze sculptures, there are many choices of subjects: life-size children portrait bronzes, playing kids custom bronze sculptures, bronze statues of a mother and a child, couples bronze portrait life-size figure statues and even bronze life-size horses and bronze dog's portraits. We will be happy to create for you a very special large custom bronze statue or sculpture.

Bronze garden sculpture and bronze garden statues.

Garden statues offer an endless opportunity to make a statement. True, you can buy inexpensive frog sculptures, gnomes sculptures and other garden decor at the store. But only that custom designed decorative bronze garden sculpture, which was created specially for you, will enhance the beauty of your garden. Think custom bronze fountain, depicting your child playing with water, think a peaceful corner of your garden, inhabited by a bronze fantasy creature, Or maybe it is a beautiful bronze nude sculpture which stirs the emotions. Don't overlook bronze religious statues and sculptures for the garden. They will inspire reflection and contemplation.

Bronze gifts for the office.

We can design a custom bronze trophy, mascot or other bronze sculpture gift for the annual events at your company or school.

Bronze gifts:
Woman nude statue bronze gift.

Bronze gifts:

Small children sculpture bronze gift.
Bronze gifts:
Angel statue bronze gift.

Animal sculptures.

Sculptures of animals, like bronze horse statues, dog portraits or bronze dog statue can make an elegant desktop sculpture, or become a unique bronze garden statue or mascot, when done on a larger scale as outdoor statues.

Bronze gifts:
Leopard sculpture bronze gift.
Bronze gifts:
Horse sculpture bronze gift.

Bronze gifts:

Moose sculpture bronze gift.

Bronze Portrait sculpture.

A bronze gift like a bronze portrait will be a cherished heirloom, that can be passed through generations. Bronze busts and life-size figure portrait statues can be ordered from our studio to commemorate a special person in your life.
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